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Technology, Innovation and Change

Includes all aspects of innovation and change. We've included technology here because it is often a driver of innovation or change, or closely associated with it.

Below are digital reports etc that are part of the MBS Portal. For much more digital and print content, please use the search box, right.

UK Digital Health sector: strength and opportunity 2015

This infographic analyses the UK Digital Health sector 2015 dataset from the bioscience and health technology annual reports database.

SIN Europe plays a key role in creating UK-European collaborations on low carbon research & innovation

This document describes how SIN Europe is helping to tackle global climate disruption through UK-European collaboration.

Tech trends 2015: the fusion of business and IT

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This report examines technology put to practical business use.

Energy consumption in the UK

This report provides an overview of the trends and some key drivers that have influenced energy consumption in the UK since 1970.

Energy flow chart 2015

This energy infographic illustrates the flow of primary fuels from home production or imports to their eventual final uses.

UK energy in brief 2016

This is a summary of the latest statistics on energy production, consumption, prices and climate change in the United Kingdom.

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