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Organisational Psychology

Includes all aspects of Organisational Psychology, and related subjects such as group relations.

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Optimism and entrepreneurship: a double-edged sword

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This article is about the impact of optimism on entrepreneurship success.

The Hofstede's cultural value typology: a theoretical review for its adoption in psychological contract research in multi-cultural organisations

[Author's original abstract]The Hofstede’s four Dimension cultural construct is being adopted to investigate the impact of cultural value differences in the perception of the psychological contract in multi-cultural organisations.

The role of social network accuracy in predicting the performance of pre-service teacher teams

[Authors' original abstract]In this paper, we investigate the role of social network accuracy in predicting team performance.

Calling and performance: the mediating role of job crafting

[Authors' original abstract]A calling is a meaningful consuming passion directed toward a particular occupation which has the potential to impact work behaviours and work outcomes.

Are we off the record?: how perceptions of formality affect employee silence behaviour

[Authors' original abstract]Formal power differentials within hierarchical organisations can lead to silence, which in turn leads to management being unaware of issues that exist within the organisation.

Psychological contract and organisation fit: a symbiotic relationship?

[Author's original abstract]The intended focus of this research is to explore the relationship between the psychological contract and person-organisation fit for academics at two Higher Education Institutions.

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