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British Academy of Management

Comparative advertising: ad familiarity and negative perceptions

[Author's original abstract]Comparative advertising has been accused of negative effects when displayed in specific contexts.

Comparative advertising effectiveness: the role of gender

[Author's original abstract]The present study examines how gender differences in information processing may affect consumer perceptions about comparative advertising.

Marketing career transitions: women marketers embedded in the profession?

[Authors' original abstract]This qualitative study explores a UK sample of 25 women marketing professionals and how their career paths are reached and moderated over time.

Do mergers and acquisitions lead to brand portfolio re-engineering?

[Authors' original abstract]Drawing on organizational inertia and strategic renewal theory from management, this paper develops a conceptual framework which suggests that organizations use mergers and acquisitions as a stimulus to overcome inertia at the brand portfolio level, and to re-engineer their existing brand portfolios through discontinuous strategic renewal.

Investigating the potential of the 'inclusion of nature in self' scale for market segmentation

[Authors' original abstract]In recent years, marketing scholars have directed increasing attention to issues concerning sustainable consumption behaviors.

Distinguishing the brand name element from the branded entity

[Authors' original abstract]This development paper looks at the conceptualisation of the brand name element.

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