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Includes all aspects of marketing, advertising and public relations.

Below are digital reports etc that are part of the MBS Portal. For much more digital and print content, please use the search box, right.

Consumer protection partnership: priorities report 2015: second report on the partnership's work to date and future priorities

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A report from the Consumer Protection Partnership describes their activities in 2013-4 and plans for 2015.

Policy implications of recent trends in the high-street/retail sector

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A paper investigates and describes the health of retail in England's traditional town centres.

Women in marketing: a contribution to an on-going debate and an invitation for you to make your voice heard

Are women in marketing victims of a glass ceiling? The 2012-13 Croner Marketing Rewards survey highlighted that the gender pay gap was the lowest it has been in 10 years however; at director level there is still a 2.

Alternative dispute resolution for consumers: government response to the consultation on implementing the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive and the Online Dispute Resolution Regulation

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A paper summarises responses to a consultation on the implementation of the EU directive on consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution into UK law, and the Government's responses to them.

Consumer rights bill: implementing the consumer rights bill

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A guide describes the government's plans for implementation of the Consumer Rights Bill and education of businesses, consumers, and regulators as to its provisions.

Comparative advertising: ad familiarity and negative perceptions

[Author's original abstract]Comparative advertising has been accused of negative effects when displayed in specific contexts.

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