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Business and Management History

Includes the history and development of management thought, business history, and articles about notable management thinkers.

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Journal of Management History. ISSN: 1751-1348

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A Drucker miscellany

This self-published book is the third in a series of three publications about Peter Drucker’s key ideas and contributions to management theory.

Kurt Lewin: Change Management and Group Dynamics Thinker

Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was a social psychologist whose extensive work covered studies of leadership styles and their effects, work on group decision-making, the development of force field theory, the unfreeze/change/refreeze change management model, the 'action research' approach to research, and the group dynamics approach to training, especially in the form of T-Groups.

Charlene Li: Social Media and Technologies Thinker

Charlene Li is a thought leader on the use of social media and emerging technologies.

Joseph M Juran: Quality Management Thinker

Dr Joseph M Juran (1904-2008) was a charismatic figure, acknowledged worldwide for his extensive contribution to quality management.

Philip Crosby: Zero Defects Thinker

Philip Crosby (1926-2001) was an influential author, consultant and philosopher who developed practical concepts to define and communicate quality and quality improvement practices.

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