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About this site

Whether you're a University researcher or a busy manager, this Portal will help you find and use high quality management research publications quickly and easily. Find out more about the key features of the Portal and what it contains, or watch the video introduction:

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Key features

  • Download research reports, summaries, briefings, working papers, conference papers and articles from key publishers. You must register (see button above) to see most of the content. Please see the terms and conditions of use.
  • Discover the British Library's vast print and digital collections - in one powerful search
  • Receive alerts about new content that matches your subject interest(s)
  • Watch author interviews and other videos
  • Disseminate and preserve your work: complete the online form
  • Contact us to suggest new content or other improvements.

What the MBS Portal contains

It takes up to two years for research to be published in the top management journals. So we've brought together full text research reports, summaries, working papers, videos and exclusive articles by leading researchers and consultants to help you get timely access to emerging research findings that you can download and read immediately. As well as these digital documents, you'll find details of books, journal articles, reports, websites, datasets, sound recordings, videos and other resources from the British Library's collections that are relevant to your search - all in one easy-to use results list.

The high cost of journal subscriptions means we cannot make the full text of journal articles available to you free of cost, which is why full text journal articles do not appear in the Portal. Your University or a professional body library like CMI can provide you with electronic journal articles, or you can order them from the British Library Document Supply service. If you have a British Library Reader Pass, you can read print or digital journals in our reading rooms in London or Yorkshire for free. We are working on a way of offering you the option to download journal articles on a pay-as-you-go basis from the Portal in future.

The British Library ingests and stores all PDF material on this Portal in our Digital Library Store, which is our long-term preservation system. We do not ingest videos, podcasts or other content hosted on external sites, so we cannot guarantee that they will always be available, but we do our best to ensure you don't come across any broken links.

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